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The Spirit of God had severally come to me in dreams/trance while I was serving as member in the church. The regular coming of God’s  spirit to me as I can remember vividly, started when I became very zealous, all-round dedicated and tirelessly committed to everything that concerns God both in and outside the Church.


Each time it comes to me, it ministers to me carefully on God’s plan for the earth and His concern for all His creatures therein; that God intend to have all creatures to be liberated as the price for their freedom has been fully paid through the successfully accomplished Christ redemptive work. It admonishes me each time it comes that I ensure the realization of this plan through the teaching of His revealed WORD. Upon this continues visit to me wherein it gives me guidance, instructions, directives base on God’s expectations from me; overtime I fully got my attention, my involvement and my consciousness that finally the ministry was created with a very unique name like no other ever was given to me – Christ Business Church to serve as sword to pierce the God’s truth and reality into the world.

the call bible


Christ Business Church (CBC) through a specific revelation came into existence to create one unified family big enough to accommodate all inhabitants of the earth in view to make God’s plan for all to have one language,  one system, one pattern, one country and one life become realizable.



Our mission statement:

  1. To preach the unsearchable riches in Christ to the unsaved, win same to the kingdom of God.
  2. Grow the won souls by the word of God.
  3. Send the saved and grown ones forth to reach out to others, win and bring them to Christ.
  4. Together, we all spread the unsearchable riches in Christ to people in all the nations and kingdoms of the world even to the utmost part of the world.


By this missionary journey, no one shall be left untocuched, unreached, and unredefined.

what we believe


Christ Business Church (CBC) basically believe in the application of God’s word to accomplish and to receive whatsoever we aspire whether it has any physical/spiritual formation or not. We undoubtedly believe, with the Word of God, everything is possible; what is lost can be re-gained, what is dead can be made alive and what never existed can be created into existence.

what we believe


Due to the unique ministry God gave to us, to have the earth and the creatures therein fully liberated, we have basically three (3) days of the week for church services viz Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


In our services, one topic is divinely given to us to teach & preach for one full month so that it could sink and be fully impressed into the minds/spirits and the physical aspects of all; that in effect would cause the expected result to manifest in all. At the beginning of each year, a theme is usually given to us which is fully exhausted via the respective monthly treated topics.

Pastor Austy .U. Odigie


The revelation knowledge of God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit.



It is Christ Business Church (CBC) earnest desire that the truth and the reality of the gospel spread through Christ Business Church (CBC) into all the nations and kingdoms of the entire world.



Currently, Christ Business Church has her headquarter at

55, Old Ughelli Road, Agbarho Town, Ughelli North Local Government Area, Delta State, Nigeria.


Inquire more from us directly. Know more about our ministry. Learn more about how we carry out our mission, what we do to promote our services, how we preach the word.