The revelation knowledge of God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.


To ensure the revelation knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ as graciously given to us is spread to all kingdoms and nations of the earth; so much that all creatures sufficiently partaker of the provision that is now available for all by the accomplished redemptive works of Jesus Christ. By this same revelational knowledge, we shall teach & minister to all for salvation and administer healing & liberation to all that are sick and destitute & negatively bound.

At the successful realization of this target, we shall win all within and around our contacts (both far and near), train and equip them in the doctrine of righteousness and send them forth to win others. As the chain continues, we would soonest have the bible prophecy fulfilled – covering the earth with the work and spirit of God just as the water covers the sea.


Austy Odigie

Pastor Austy Odigie is the founder/General Overseer of the Christ Business Church.